Composite pools

In-ground Composite pools FORT WAYNE-type are long best-selling in a wide range of pools Mountfield. In a traditional world-renowned brand of recessed pools FORT WAYNE ideally combines advanced technology manufacturer from USA with a professional attitude pool of specialists from the company Mountfield.

These pools are unique in their design solution – a combination of thermoplastic peripheral panels and vinyl. Each pool has two levels of depth. Shallow part, which accounts for about a third of the pool is a real paradise for small children, but 90 cm of water also allowing normal adult to swim. This shoal flows into the deepest part of the pool, which can range from 130 cm to 266 cm of water. In this section it is possible to safely jump into the water, which is the most popular pastime in the pool of all ages. Among other very important advantages of pools of Fort Wayne-type includes a wide roman stairs for safe access to the pool and a large selection of colors and designs of liners.